A Colony- / Empire building Campaign.

When Christoforo Colombo crossed the Atlantic Ocean he found neither China nor the Americas, but something much stranger – and much more dangerous. Certainly dangerous enough that only one of his ships made the return journey, and it returned with most of its crew dead or stark raving insane. It also carried a massive chest full of gold: blasphemous idols, tablets of carvings, and bizarre jewelry.

Treasure hunters have since had much less luck, least of all finding where Colombo’s ships had made landfall. But they have discovered something almost as valuable: vast swathes of almost entirely uninhabited, and fertile land.

Colonization has become a watchword in the great courts of Europe: few dare to act on the idea, and even fewer have succeeded.

Let’s see how well our heroes do…

GM: Broder Thorsen

Lady Henriette d’Orléans played by Kasper
Alkamenus Nunho Lafeber played by Jonas
Timothy Wolsey played by Magnus
Flávio Silvícola played by Mike
Illvara “Iron Lady” Torres played by Niels

Conquest of The Demon Shore

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