Illvara “Iron Lady” Torres

High Concept:
Maiden of Arms

Red headed Fury

Other Aspects:
The Sword of the Virgin
Soft Hearted
Well Travelled
Champion of the Maiden (Juliana Mendes)

Flávio Silvícola

Man of the land
Lone wolf
Friend of the people
Do you feel lucky punk?
I know my value
A fresh start
(One that Thorsen thinks I need to have)

Alkamenus Nunho Lafeber

Arkitekt and Merchant
Student of Leonardo Da Vinci
A Few Gold Piecces More
I Know a Guy
Good as New

Timothy Wolsey
Ambitious Man of the Cloth
Inappropriate Affection for the Odd World
Rally the Crowd
Friends are for Ambition
Gold for the Vicar of Christ
Strong Moral Compass
The Word of Scripture

Lady Henriette d’Orléans

Lady in exile
cold heart
I will leader you to glory
Slow to Forget
Not Just a Pretty Face
Always Strike First
Failure Is Not an Option


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